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Highland Cattle

Highland Cattle

In 2004 we started to integrate a small farming enterprise with our vehicle business by starting the Richmondhill Fold of Pedigree Highland cattle. It started with a deal at the Royal Highland Show where we took 2 pedigree Highland heifers as part exchange in the sale of a Nissan Navara king cab! Isla of Cnoc shown above with the old Rolls Royce was one of these and she is still with us giving us a good calf every year without fail

Our fold now consists of around 20 breeding cows plus followers. We enjoy taking part at some of the agricultural shows and the beef produced is second to none. It is not possible to keep everything we breed so we often have good stock for sale if you would like some of your own. You never know what you could go home with if come here to buy a motor!

We like showing off our Pedigree Highland Cattle here at Peterhead, so visitors are always welcome.

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